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Address: ul. Opolska, 52-010 Wrocław

Zarejestrowany w następujących krajach: Polska

STER-net was founded in 2002. Initially the service recipients were the only residents of a housing estatein Wroclaw, who thanks to this network gained access to medium fast and reliable communication within the estate and high-speed access to the global Internet. The network was made in Fast Ethernet technology operates at a speed of 100Mbps. Currently, wireless network backbone allows for the installation of new nodes.


This option is available in the following places: Wroclaw, Siechnice, Wet Manor, St. Catherine, Radwanice, Iwiny Trestno, Zacharzyce, Łukaszowice, Zębice, Sulimów, Grodziszów, Groblice. Activation fee 149,99 PLN paying once.



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Standard 3 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s Wi-Fi $18 miesięcznie