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List of all internet services registered in our base in Philippines

Name Download Upload Ratio Price USD FAP
Intelsat 22 Internet across APAC 256 kbit/s 128 kbit/s 20:1 $185.00 unlimited
Intelsat 22 Internet across APAC 512 kbit/s 256 kbit/s 20:1 $300.00 unlimited
Intelsat 22 Internet across APAC 1024 kbit/s 512 kbit/s 20:1 $480.00 unlimited
Intelsat 22 Internet across APAC 2048 kbit/s 512 kbit/s 20:1 $720.00 unlimited
Internet connections over Iridium phone 9 kbit/s 9 kbit/s N/A $38.95 per minute
Internet connections over Isatphone PRO 2 kbit/s 2 kbit/s N/A $15.00 per minute
Internet connections over Thuraya XT 60 kbit/s 15 kbit/s N/A $22.00 per minute
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 32 kbit/s 32 kbit/s N/A $40.00 per MB
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s N/A $40.00 per MB
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 128 kbit/s 128 kbit/s N/A $40.00 per MB
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 176 kbit/s 176 kbit/s N/A $40.00 per MB
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 256 kbit/s 256 kbit/s N/A $40.00 per MB
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 384 kbit/s 384 kbit/s N/A $40.00 per MB
Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 492 kbit/s 492 kbit/s N/A $40.00 per MB
Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s N/A $30.00 per MB
Last Inquiries from Philippines
good day is it available in the Philippines and easy to install how much the price. thank you rain
satellite providers
send me list of providers in the Philippines Please include Phone numbers
How much a total cost of unlimited 2mbps satellite internet data? thank you
Internet Access
I plan to visit the San Juan, Southern Leyte area for several months (2 to 3 months) and would like to see the feasibility of obtaining Internet access in that town. Access would be from a residential area of the town.
Sattelite broadband in philippines
I want to apply for broadband internet. My location is in Marawi City, Lanao del Sur. Can you provide broadband connection to my location? If so, what are the speeds/bandwidth that you can provide and what are the corresponding rates? Please consider these application as urgent. Respectfully yours, Mohammad Naffi P. Mangata, REE Marawi City, Lanao del Sur Mobile: 09274648890
I just want to inquire if you can install an high speed internet at home in the Philippines?How much?
Satellite Solution
We are a Partner of SIngapore Telecoms here in the Philippines . We provide Satellite Terminal (BGAN) , Satellite Phone , Satellite WiFi Hotspot . Should you have any queries email me at
How much to install satellite service
Hello Like to to know how much to install service an unlimited service to our resort in Cebu? How much per month?
Internet cafe business
To use in internet cafe business here in Philippines at brgy tapi, Kabankalan City Negros Occidental
satelite service in remote area of Biliran Island Visaya
I can be reached at 09285921611 My name is Ned H Stackfield I am looking for dependable satelite service for a small to mid size business.
going to Philippines for a couple months and need to have good internet
i need a satellite internet to be install in a remote area in leyte, Philippines.. Please provide us additional informations and details as will s the details of rate. Pls send us proposal.
Internet Service Provider
Hi, I would like to put up a small internet service provider in our small town in Samar, Philippines, that will allow residents to access the internet. To cope up with the monthly operational cost, I will charge a small amount to service subscribers. I do not really wish to gain a lot from it as this is not really my line of business. But my love for electronics and my sympathy to the people is what drove me to think to invest on it. Since internet connection in our place is more of a 'need' than a 'want', I will not allow video streaming and downloading large files online so everybody can enjoy a relatively fast internet connection on otherwise a slow one shall I allow streaming and large data downloads over my local network. This is also to keep the operational cost at minimal by not requiring super fast internet connection. On this regards, I would like to know if this kind of scheme will work for you, or is allowed by your company in the first place. I am aware that some people who own internet cafe businesses in remote areas use your service to offer internet to their customers. I wonder if I can use your service, but in a slightly broader scope. The wifi management systems and repeaters will be provided by me. If ever you agree, please send your quotation of the most suitable system that you can offer to me based on the description that I have given above. I estimate that there will be about 30-50 people who will subscribe to the service during the first two months of operation. If you can offer me a scalable system that I can upgrade shall I need more bandwidth, then that would be desirable. Thank you! Looking forward to receiving your quotation. You may send it to me through my email below. RC
satellite internet
hi planning to put up an internet cafe but there is no connection in the area yet. what is the best device but affordable
I need the fastest internet I can get in Loaog, ILocos Norte
Please let me know what you can provide me. I'll be leaving the USA on April the 1st 2014 323-725-1994 JonPaul Harwood
Sir, I am from the Philippines how can I subcribe an internet service from your company via satelite Dexter
I need a reliable internet, required is at least 1MBps. Please send quotation and other details to my email. Thanks. -Daryll Enano
quotation for satellite equipment and subscription of the internet
Please send me a quotation for satellite equipment and for the subscription of the internet... We need 1mbps. Thank you! Looking forward the quotation.
Fast and reliable internet connection in rural area
We live in a rural area where 3g connection is weak,i just wanna ask if how much money can be spended in buying satellite internet including installation in the Philippines? Thank you
internet connection
gud pm sir, please send me the overall price for this internet connection, 3mbps.., how it works? same speed as 3mbps for pldt? or is it faster? and the mode of payment whether monthly or I dunno.. I want to avail as soon as possible coz our area have poor 3g signal., please reply thank you..
satellite internet
for home users in Philippines
Hi, im thinking putting up a bussiness regarding internet solution, in our city on Cagayan, in our monicipality we are really in need of a internet but all of the internet provider in the area can't do it because they said that we can't have signal cause of the mountains around us. i already have a wireless solution corp. partner distributing wireless transmitter all voice and data, he said tha all we need is a satellite internet and voice provider that we can distribute to our monicipality. i saw your add in the net Can i have an idea on your price,services and also support on our needs im looking forward for your response. thank you. Mr. Bryan C. Talavera
satellite internet
would like in on SI for my home use. I live in Puerto Princesa, Palawan. can you email me info on this with cost of equipment, installation charges and monthly charges and any hidden fees?
satelite internet and tv
i live in calapnusan, negros occidental, philippines is there service for satelite tv and internet?
vsat with data, internet and voice capable
1mbps vsat to be installed at panglima sugala tawitawi area ask for a proposal or qutation for this requirements
Internet by satellite
I would like to instal a satellite dish in Mindanao 300km north/east of Davao, a remote place called Gamut. I would like to know the cost of equipment and installation. I have several ideas to use the connection depending on cost :- Internet connection for myself only. Internet connection for an Internet cafe. Internet connection shared between 3 or 4 households Please advise me on feasability and costs. Thanks Bob Edwards Could I start an Internet cafe with this type of connection, and the
Satelite Internet Service
Need to know total cost and accessibility to Rizal, Casiguran, Sorsogon.
sat internet
Hello.. good day.. just want to ask how much will it cost for tbe instalation of satellite internet in our home.. i want the one unlimited.. how much satellite cost... and how many days processing of installation thanks
Need internet service near Mainita, Mindanao located about 1 hour south of Surigao City on Lake Mainita. Jack Lofton
Non-business internet
My wife is from the philippines and we are looking for a reliable but affordable means of communication to the philippines. Ofcourse, we have just about everything we want available to us here in america, but what internet they have in the philippines is not only costly for the average filipino, but very unreliable. I noticed your Intelsat 22 service for 5.00. How can this be made affordable for a single family dwelling in the philippines. Can one single service be divided up among other households minimizing the cost? It's unfortunate that some of these global governments don't subsidize these satellite services for educational purposes for children. Education would put many of these third world countries on the map. Thank you! Dave
satellite internet availability and cost
Hello, I am interested in what you have available for satellite internet in the Philippines. This would be for an island in the central Philippines. In addition, what are the monthly costs, and setup costs. Thanks, Malcolm Schaefer
installation, usage + maintenance
I would like to install a satellite dish for BEST possible internet connection in Mindoro occidental, Wawa. How much are 1) equipment + set up coasts (can I do it myself?) 2) usage coast / year 3) maintenance coasts 4) optional + connection with TV + radio Thank you for Ur reply!
Do you provide Vsat services to Naval, Biliran, Philippines. Services from wifi services such as Smart & Globe are either extremely poor or non-existent. Primarily for internet based auction business and home used for 3-5 computers. If so, can you give an approximate idea of costs and installation lead-time Thank you Mike Davis
internet connection/sat phones
How much for an internet connection and/or satphones rental and services for southern Philippines? Thank you very much! More Power to you!!!!!
Residential Satelite Internet
Hi Satellite Provider, I wanted to have an internet connection in our home. The location is : CALLUNGAN, SANCHEZ MIRA, CAGAYAN, PHILIPPINES. Do you provide services upto that place? How do you make installation to our place? How long will be the installation? Any more details is much appreciated. I would be glad to hear from you about this inquiry. Regards, RECTO GALZOTE Callungan, Sanchez Mira, Cagayan, Philippines
satellight internet for home use in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
interested in home satellight internet services, your list is confusing. Give me an idea of the costs and any hidden fees, Contracts, cost of equipment, etc
well it work here in philippens I have cignal now as my tv provider and can your equipment be used in place of signal I pay 560.00 peso = to us 13.02 for tv
installation of internet in catanduanes
northern catanduanes is cut off from most of the island and internet is poor in general on the island. I have small businesses and in few years may build a resort but I need strong communications with key people can satelite access be done here
satellite internet that can be used aroun the word(ship) prepaid or postpaid ...thanks
Hello, i wish getting informations about internet connection by sat in philippines, also about any facilities for both internet and TV. Thanks for attention, Vincent.
Satellite services for DGPS
Do you provide satellite services for DGPS (Differential Global Positioning Systems) if so what are the rates? Thank you.
satellite internet connection
I am interested in setting up a satellite internet connection in Bicol and would like contact details of providers.
Satellite Products
Hi, We are looking for satellite products like Iridium phone 9555, Isatphone Pro and BGAN. How the lowest plan and may I know the speed? Do you have any vendor in the Manila area who could explain the system to us? I would like to request quotation, requirements and procedures in the purchase or lease of satellite phones in Philippines. Thanks and Best Regards, Kim Yu
satellite internet inquiry
I would like to know if you product is available in Nueva Vizcaya,Philippines.Thank yo.
Satellite Products
Hi, We are looking for satellite products like Iridium phone 9555, Isatphone Pro and BGAN. How the lowest plan and may I know the speed? Do you have any vendor in the Manila area who could explain the system to us? I would like to request quotation, requirements and procedures in the purchase or lease of satellite phones in Philippines. Appreciate your prompt and positive response. Regards, Kim Yu
Internet satelite
Satellite internet subscription, do you have office in manila, phone number, address.
Satellite internet service
We have a field office in Mindoro and we need data service for internet.
satellite wi fi
We are a 23 room room resort in San Fernando City, La Union but continually have trouble with the wi fi system we have set up for our customers. Someone told me that satellite wi fi would be a better option but I have no idea how satellite wi fi works and if it would be an enhancement. Do you have any vendor in the La Union area who could explain the system to us?
Mark Million - IFRC Red Cross IT Delegate
We are looking for satellite internet connections for at least two sites ... would prefer to lease equipment, and pay by month (expected four months). Please let me know of any availability for this - we would want installed near Tacloban (Leyte Island) and two other locations possibly.
Just asking do you have in the Philippine? How the lowest plan and may I know speed?thank you
Satellite Phone
I would like to request quotation, requirements and procedures in the purchase or lease of satellite phones in Las PiƱas City, Philippines. Appreciate your prompt and positive response.
Mr. Felix Garcia
Hi i would like to ask if you have representative here in the Philippines. We would like to inquire personally, but if you don't have we can discuss it here. We are looking for a satellite phone that can cater our need. we are in a broadcasting company ( that provides 24/7 news program, therefore a communication is most important on our fields during emergencies. needed services. 1. Voice 2. data - email 3. prepaid or postpaid 4. budget 5. cost of handset 6. economics of use 7. ease of use 8. geographical coverage thanks and regards felix T. Garcia RF Technical Supervisor Solar Television Inc
mr. joven
Good day gentlemen, I would like to avail your services in Philippines. Let me know the details on my email. Thanks
Satellite Phone
May we request quotation, requirements and procedures in the purchase or lease of satellite phones.
internet satellite
internet satellite in Phiiippines
Dr. Kelley Wells
I am interested in the availability of satellite internet and TV on Boracay Island.
rental of satellite phone
how much is the cost for 20 days? if ever, this will be use in Mindoro.
Satellite internet connection
4gb internet with router in Philippines
satelite Internet server
my question is can we buy this satellite or rent it how is that works, we're moving in Philippines and most of our bills requirement is going online , we need unlimited access internet . What is the best way to it..
Rev. Darryl Anderosn
I live in a remote area on the island of Mindanao, Philippines. We have no land line phone service for DSL and the Wi-fi service is not through the cell phone providers is not strong enough to provide satisfactory service. I am interested in satellite internet service to meet my needs.
Brad Merritt
Do you rent satellite phones?
malapascua island satellite wifi installation
Hello can you please contact us, we want to get satellite wifi working for malapascua island asap. contact number globe 0917 3070150. Contact person Joy and Zwingli Thank you very much
Do you have service in the Philippines
i am looking for service in Lipa City Batangas, Philippines
Intelsat 22 Internet across APAC
good day , my name is arnel enalan , i like to know only that. if this intelsat 22 internet across APAC can using international ? i am seaman world wide and i like a good communication to my family. even only skype , facebook. pls reply.
I am an Internet Service Provider located in Urdaneta City, Pangasinan. I'd like to know the details of your service in this area of the Philippines and how do I go about ordering.
Satellite Internet
Hello, I would like to acquire services of the below satellite internet. How? Intelsat 22 Internet across APAC 256 kbit/s 128 kbit/s 20:1 5.00 unlimited
Required installation - Stable Internet connection in Baguio City, Philippines
Request for details of subscription to your services, How the equipment will be delivered, Installation, payment for device and payment for connection, and other inclusive services.
sr. tech support
I need Sat phone in Philippines
Satellite TV and Internet
Do you provide TV and Internet services for areas outside of Manila? Im located in Bulacan...
satellite internet
internet service provder in Philippines
I just want to ask if there is an available for the installment in Philippines?
Mobile High Speed INternet
Hello, Good Day! Our Team is working for a system that will provide system to be use by Philippine Army. I am looking for satellite internet provider that can provide service for a high speed mobile internet. We need the mobile internet for remote Philippine Military operations, we want a HIGH SPEED internet for video streaming. Kindly email me at or contact me @ 09324972920. Regards Leo
sat internet in puerto galera
Gud day I want to inqyire if possible to have sat internet in my place in Puerto galera to have big speed how much is the equipment and and what is your plan I waiting for your response
Good Day!
Hi I live in Surigao del Sur, want to know how much is the installation and monthly if we would like avail an internet access here. Thanks, Alfred
Satellite Internet Connection
How much is the monthly bill for the satellite internet connection in Philippines? How apply?
Info on Internet
Hi, i live on masbate Island in Philippines and we have no internet here cause we're very far from the Masbate city. Is possible to have sat internet? How much? what speed? and what latency between my location and ex. singapore server for online games?
satellite internet connection
please complete detail and pricing of your services. Our location is in Gamay, Northern Samar where good internet connection is almost impossible.
I have a laptop in rural mindanao just outside bislig city and would like to subscribe to high speed satellite internet connection. How much will this cost per month and is there any set up cost involved or can I automatically get access with a password once I've signed up. Can one try the connection out first, like say a 3 day free trial, before signing up? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you.
satellite broadband
how much the price and the installments
I want to inquire about your internet connection. I am living in a country side where internet is hard to access. I am planning to avail one. How this works? Thank you.
Please can you send me the price of iridium satellite phone. thank you
Good Day, I would like to ask how much the installation and monthly subscription of your satellite internet? Thank You
Warren Smith
Full Pricing for your Satellite service for Moalboal Cebu including setup costs and on going costs is equipment hire or purchase?
rental satellite
we need to rent a satellite 2m from hawei to homonhon
Satellite Internet for Live Streaming of Events
We are a company that stream live events from different places here in the Philippines. We are looking for stable and reliable internet provider that will cater to our business needs. The basic requirements we need are as follows, dedicated upstream video bit rate of atleast 350kbps, dedicated download speed of atleast 1024 kbps. the lesser the latency to our servers the better.n If you need more info please send me an email. Thanks - Reigh de Chavez
Internet application enquiry
Hi, I just want to inquire if there is a ISP provider in my Area? I really want to apply thank you and more power!
internet plan for residential and wireless
1GB plan rate for internet connection fixed price 4GB plan rate for internet connection wireless price


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