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Residential Internet in greater packs

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Residential Internet in greater packs


Address: Caracas, Venezuela

Registered in the following countries: Venezuela

Movilmax is an Internet Service Provider located in Venezuela. Movilmax has a very broad offer of WiMAX services which are being delivered across Venezuela. Some of the most important and popular services are Broadband Movable Wide Mo'vil-Banda and Wimax in Venezuela. Today, MOVILMAX would like to increase their coverage and invent more communications solutions.


Residential pack with higher speeds than 5 Mbps can get discounts of 5% up to 7% as well as 10 Mbps. Installation of this service is subject to technical evaluation. Fiber Optic Installation is easy and quick. Minimum contract lasts for 36 months. Minimum 5 pre-registered apartments or departments ( most often used for condominiums).



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Residential Internet in greater packs 5 Mbit/s 5 Mbit/s Fiber to the building (FTTB) $price on request monthly
Residential Internet in greater packs 10 Mbit/s 10 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $price on request monthly