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List of all internet access services registered in our base

Operator Name Download Upload Type Price USD
TS2 SPACE YahClick TS2 2-7.1 Mbit/s 0.25-1.5 Mbit/s Satellite broadband $61 to 1 030
TS2 SPACE SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas 0.5-2 Mbit/s 128-512 kbit/s Satellite broadband $165 to 1 827,50
TS2 SPACE iDirect Evolution W6 0.13-4 Mbit/s 0.06-1 Mbit/s various $153 to 14 985
Juch-Tech Inc. C-Band Packages 0.5-2 Mbit/s 128-512 kbit/s Satellite broadband $120 to 4 800
Juch-Tech Inc. Ku-Band Packages Residential, Small Business, Large Business, Enterprise Business 0.5-2 Mbit/s 128-512 kbit/s Satellite broadband $110 to 4 400
Businesscom Networking IDirect Broadband 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite broadband $price on request
OneWeb OneWeb Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite broadband $price on request
OneWeb OneWeb Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite broadband $price on request
SpaceX SpaceX Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite broadband $price on request
TS2 SPACE Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 32-492 kbit/s 32-492 kbit/s Satellite broadband $2,91
TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s Satellite broadband $2,76
TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s Satellite broadband $2,76
Businesscom Networking SCPC (single Channel Per Carrier) 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Satellite broadband $price on request
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Thuraya XT 60 kbit/s 15 kbit/s Dial-up access $1,74
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Iridium phone 9 kbit/s 9 kbit/s Dial-up access $0,85
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Isatphone PRO 2 kbit/s 2 kbit/s Dial-up access $0,86




Need a subscription
Hi Need an internet subscription
السلام عليكم ارغب في الحصول على اشتراك انترنت لديكم داخل مدينة الرياض ماهي عروضكم وكيف اتواصل معكم
i want one satellite internet in my office
Asalamu Alyikum Iam WAJEEH MUHAMMED
Internet satellite
I need to subscribe into satellite internet, do would you please send me the price. I am living in Saudi Arabia
i need internet
i need a highe speed internet
internet access
International internet access
satellite internet
i need to know do u have any agent in Saudi arabia and what are the packages
Satellite TV dish
Dear, I would like to have a satellite dish installed at my house in dammam. How can we proceed? Regarda
internet connection
need internet connection in turaif area saudi arabia
for home
High Speed Internet
I am looking for high-speed Internet in Saudi Arabia via satellite. Can you help ?
Service at Saudi Arabia
New subscription request. Please send the full details
Internet service
Please need more information about the internet package
regarding implementation of VSAT Internet communication at site
Dear support, We are planning to implement VSAT internet communication at our site in Riyadh,KSA please contact me to discuss the implementation, installation and configuration cost you can reach me on my number(shaik anwar pasha:0582828603) waiting for your response ASAP.
Portable internet service in remote locations
Work on drilling rigs and move location every 40-150 days, usually no phone service. Looking for reliable internet service for checking email, skye or facetime, facebook, texting via wifi as company provided internet blocks all social media devices
satellite internet
Dear I need a Satellite internet for my farm to use 4 cameras in it. What do you recommend me ? Thanks
Thurayah satelite phone
Inquiry about Satellite Internet services
Hello, I'd like to have an internet connection via satellite since I'm located in remote area (in which I work and live in)and the connection here doesn't allow for using high internet speed and no mobile broadband since it is connecting on EDGE signals. is it possible I can buy a system which allows me for fast internet using such as youtube, Skype with family, watching favorite streams of football and movies? If yes, please tell me how much will it cost if possible on monthly fees and how to install it. I need to install it easily because the building is owned by company and doesn't allow me to drill for dish installation. My requested download speed is equal or +5Mbps and upload is 1.5Mbps and to be stable connection at least most of the day (no much of clouds here it is sunny all year)
I'm looking for high-speed communication service space And I wish to know prices with greetings
i need access to unlimited internet with at least 5.5 Mbps in the location below
Unlimited internet
Can I have internet where ever I go, with reasonable price
I need a wifi, which have good internet speed n coverage.
Internet Services
We are a group of expats looking for a good quality internet services. We would like to know the possibility to get your services.
New Request
we are a school and want to have a good internet service
Required internet connection in Dammam- Saudi Arabia
Hi, could you please provide the contact number in Dammam, Saudi arabia for getting new internet connection in my area
new subscribing
I would like to know about your services, download speed offers & prices, in Saudi Arabia and how can I subscribe with you? Thanks Mustafa Al Hassan
i want low price subscribe
my email is
Home internet
I really have a bad connection at my location. I live in a village away from the city which does not provide 4G or even DSL internet. I read about the satellite internet and how its very fast. I really would like to know alot about your company and the services they provide I am planning to get the satellite at my house I really need high speed internet. I want to know if it works here and how much mega would I get and of course the price. Please respond I am tired of my connection at the village where I am located.
Need internet connection via sattelite
Greetings Sir, I am located in Jizan 60 km from Banish area. I need internet connection via sattelite. My internet requirements are using surfing, facebook, YouTube and video calling. Kindly guide me through the process with appropriate monthly plan suitable for my requirement. Contact details: Cell no:
Subscription information
I'm working in drilling company in Saudi Arabia and we are waiting in remote area(no telephone network) So I'll need your advice about witch satellite internet I should have Also some information about the price and how I can get it from Saudi Arabia Best Regards Ayad
reactivation of internet service
We are from offshore rig and our company stop paying for internet. We alined our system, with 12 dB signal strength, and we have intention to renew internet service from our side by using the present router and dish. We have iDirect X3 series router S/N-011567 IP : Please guide how we can get internet.
Avaya Central Connection
Hello, I've Avaya central located in two different locations in Saudi Arabia,I want you to provide me with two separate physical networks TX: 128kbps and RX: 512kbps . Can you do it?? Please reply ASAP. Thanks, Abdelrhman El shishiny
Internet through Dish
Good day, I would like to participate in internet through dish, I would like to know the contact to install this at home.
Internet subscription space
Internet subscription space Bidirectional
dear sir/madam, i would like to inquiry about the satellite service provide by your company,packages and speed information for my company...speed most be good to 30 persons to serve internet at the same time.
We are looking for satelite internet for a mobile offshore drilling unit of the saudi coast.
We are looking to install a satelite internet system for our offshore (saudi) oil rig we require 1 year unlimited broadband and wi-fi option. Could you please supply quote.
Internet request
Dear sir , I am looking for Internet via satellite . I live in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia . Any details regarding speed and price
Enquiry of price and details
Gentlemen, We are a company working in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. We are looking for satellite internet. Please provide us the price and other details. Please send the information through e-mail. Thanks and best regards, Rabiah & Nassar Group
Internet provider - using satellite
Hi there, We are looking for a satellite internet provider that can be used in our GPS tracking devices.
Satelite Phone - MINI-M
We would like to know the local licensed vendor in Saudi Arabia for the Satelite Phone - MINI - M used in offshore RIG/Life Boat.
Thuraya Services
good day ! two questions 1. do you have the Thuraya adaptor for IPhone 6? 2. what is the cost of the Monthly packages for Thuraya services using the IPhone 5adaptor full internet and voice ? it is prepaid or postpaid?
I am interested to get connection . kindly guide me. My office is in Jeddah
Internet through Dish Satellite
I want to use the internet through the satellite dish without the telephone line.
Need a Satelite Two way broadband
Sir we need a satelite two way broadband setup at urgent basic please contact me soon
Satelite internet
We looking for broadband internet via satellite ie; Hughes Net, here at our remote location in the Saudi dessert. We will be in the same location for approximately One Year, This is for personal use of up to 4 users at any one time. We have our own LAN / Wlan. Please send quotation for equipment options, Installation and available data plans options. We will not be in cell range. The phone Number he at the rig is xxxxx We will be sharing the connection, Mainly for web browsing, You Tube, face book, and email etc at the same time. We will also want to video chat with our families via Skype or Face time. One by one, not all at the same time. What do you suggest,
Need Satelite internet Broadband
hi We need a 1 mb downlink and 512 kb upload satelite two way broadband link for my use please tell me its instalation amount and per month charges and further instalation process
Proposal & Quotation for Satellite Internet Service
Respected Sir, Our company need to ask regarding the Satellite internet service. I want inquire about the price and quotation for this service as I need to implement it on a construction site on a camp in; WAAD AL SHUMAL - Turaif, Saudi Arabia. We need to provide this for 30 people on the site. Please send me the details for the service with the best prices as soon as possible. Looking forward to do business with you.
i want free internet
order for install the internet satellite in Dammam
Hi, I lave in Dammam Saudi Arabia, and I want to know the cost for the satellite and the data amount per month and if it is download or upload.
Internet Satellite in Saudi Arabia
Look for a cheap Internet Satellite solution to be used in Saudi Arabia. Expected cost to be between USD300 and USD500/month. Need to confirm that Internet access is local to Saudi Arabia.
Multiple business locations / Multiple users at each location
Interested in equipment cost, additional charges that can be expected, overage charges, length of contract needed. Can you also send price list for various upload/download/data limit combinations? How many installations do you have in Saudi Arabia? Are the units designed for user install? Please send prices in US Dollars. Thanks for your attention to this inquiry.
I need internet thru satellite
I need internet thru satellite in saudi arabia
personal use
please advice me with which plan is good for personal use. very interested
Satellite fixing on cars in Dubai
I want a company who installs satellites on cars in Dubai.
to KSA
i want internet conection
dear administrator i want down link for near then 350 Sr so plz if u have any package then plz send me some information about your down link packages
Please Send the Quotation Installing and Monthly Pee
Location in Turaif
need quotation for satelite internet.
We are Moroccan Taste Group based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, we have warehouses in Jeddah, Madinah and Riyad currently we are facing alot of issues regarding connecting our Riyadh warehouse to our Jeddah HQ due to poor signal from STC, Mobily and Zain. The area our warehouse is located in Riyadh has very poor internet signals. We want to buy satellite internet for our warehouse in Riyadh. Can you kindly provide us with the information regarding installation and maintenance of your satellite internet connection? The package, the coverage, the fees and the requirements. We will be highly grateful doing business with you.
Need high speed internet through satellite with cost
could you plz tell me about high speed internet satellite you provide with showing technical details and how much it will be cost for installation and payment per month? Thanks
Need individual connection
I need connection for personal use and want portable device like i can cerry in my personal bag.....
Saudi number
I need to contact your representative in Saudi Arabia
اريد الاستفسار عن خدمتكم في المملكة العربية السعودية .مكة المكرمة
كم هي الأسعار بالشهر أو السنة
We need vsat for our company
I want to participate
I want to participate, but in what way and how to pay and how much the cost of installation fully with bouquet Thank you
i need an internet connection
my work is off-road and there is no way i get internet from local telecom network I'm out of their net work so i end up here .. dose your services work on saudi arabia , and how much it gonna cost me monthly , can i get your plans and prices .. please reply ASAP . thank you
Kindly please let me know how can I buy or install new device for satellite internet, because we are working here at remote area ( Oil Rig Nabors Arabia )venue ,Arar around 413 km from Turaif airport. Could you please provide your customer care service no or any other local contact no. Please advice
Internet Quotation
Dear Sir Please quote the noted package without installations for 1.2m dish and I direct X3 modem in Saudi Arabia at the Safania off shore oil field YahClick Saudi Arabia 1 Mbit/s 256 kbit/s Satellite broadband 0 monthly unlimited
VSAT - Reseller Prices
Dear Sales & Support, Good Day, My name is Shafiq Ahmed, I am sales manager in WAVESNET. we are ISP and looking VSAT for some of our customer. kindly provide me your contact details for further deals.
Communication and Network Solution
Greeting! Please allow me introduce our company, ICCES. We are based in the Khobar, Saudi Arabia with branches in Jeddah and Riyadh where we have been in business for over twenty years now. Our primary business focus has been the provision of broadband communications connectiv¬ity, primarily through satellite-based technologies from A to Z, for Internet, voice, data, and facsimile services. We supply, deliver, install and activate satellite remotes for MESH and STAR networks, running TDMA, SCPC/SCPS, SCPC/DVB-S2 technologies using our own hubs namely Idirect Infiniti, Idirect Evolution and Comtech Vipersat. We are operating our own Help Desk and Technical Support 24 x 7 x 365 days both in Egypt and Saudi Arabia with the battery of professional and well experienced satellite engineers not to mention our strong network of engineers and consultants across Europe and the USA. ICCES also offer IT and business consulting to our commercial and government customers. We have the expertise to conduct comprehensive design-build efforts for satellite hubs, data centers, networks and network operation center (NOC). Other services that ICCES are providing area as follows: • Fiber Optic and structured cabling • Point to Point, and Point-to-Multipoint upto 300mbps connectivity and back-hauling. • Fixed VSAT • Mobile VSAT • Marine VSAT • VALUE ADDED SERVICES 1. Design-Build Consultancy 2. Communications Efficiencies - through state-of-the-art network acceleration, queue management and node caching technologies. 3. Quality of Service (QoS) Management • Automatic Vehicle Location and Asset Tracking System (AVL) • Security and Surveillance Systems – IP Security Camera • IPTV- HD, a television delivered via broadband connection in High Definition format. We can provide you anything you need, just send us your requirements. It will be my pleasure and particular interest to discuss this business op¬portunity with you at your most convenient time.
Internet service
we need the internet solution for one of our site GPRS coordination is mentioned below xxx
how to but you internet satallite serviece
I need it in Siuda
new customer
Dear Sir Please quote the equipments with delivery to saudi arabia jeddah city without intallations for 1.2m dish and 2W lnb and HN9800 modem
VSAT internet
Hi, we are resellers in VSAT internet broad band in the kingdom for the last 10 years plus. Please advise if we can have a discussion to represent your company in this region. we are also ready to setup a NOC for the same. Please revert for further details.
Internet connection required through satellite for my business
Please send quotation for Internet connection required through satellite. we are in Saudi Arabia (JIZAN). My contact no. xxx
I want hi speed internet
Looking for insulation
Satellite connection for business needs in Jizan
BEC company has a project site in Jizan for the coming 4 years and need to have good internet connection serving up to 30 users.
Subscription to home satelite
Dear Sir or Ma'am, I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I would like to enquire about your internet via satelite service. Is it provided here? If so, what are the costs for installation and subscribption? Thank you. Raed
satellite phone
i want to purchase sat phone can you give me the details for prices and calling rate
Quotation for Internet Satellite
Can you please send us quotation for the following bandwidth Downstream 1MBPS and 254 Upstream. Thanks.
RFQ - 1MBit/s internet
please provide quotation for internet 1mbit/s in Hail Area - 200km west south
Internet Quotation
Can you please send us the quotation for internet on saudi arabia specially in southern region Jazan area.
Contact information
Hi there I would like to contact with your agent about the internet providing through satellite in saudi arabia (eastern region) for payment Best regards
DEAR i need a quotation for dedicated internet speed 25Mb location saudi arabia eastern , note if the price good i will take many links and different speed
I am located in shaybah desert, I need to know what is the total cost to provide me an internet service there.
Good day how much it cost complete set of plan 330 usd include all item it will use only of may home 1set only
satellite internet service
I would like to have an internet via satellite service for personal use
Requirement Internet
Requirement Satellite Internet Dedicate 10 Mbps up and down
High Speed Wireless Internet
I'm interested in a wireless high speed internet. Please let me your offers. Thanks, Mahmoud
unlimited download Internet
Hi I'm in jeddah what are the monthly payment plans for unlimited download.
How much the price of sattalite kit broadband
How do I pay
2 ways internet service
Hello, We are interesting in yr services, we intend to install & operate yr devise from Sudan. Please provide us with yr contact information. Regards Alaa Baasher
maintenance of Central satellite system ,
maintenance of Central satellite system , 90 TV channel Linked to a central system ,
Satellite Internet connection
Is it possible to install a internet satellite connection in Dammam/ Saudi Arabia? We like to have a installation 10 GB/ month, unblocked internet, And do you have any contact details for installation companys.
setting up a satellite internet connection
Greetings, I am looking for a company to install Satellite Internet at my home located Saudi Arabia, west Provenes, jeddah city. Please provide me with the internet speeds available and quotations. Also, the cost of installation
Satellite Internet for 20+ Devices
I want Satellite internet (1024 kbps) for about 25 devices, in Saudi Arabia , our location N 25.5634 E 49.6169
jeddah in Malik Road
I want 2mb did internet for call center , I have 16users
Satellite Internet at Home
Greetings, I am looking for a company to install Satellite Internet at my home located Saudi Arabia, Eastern Provenes, Dammam city. Please proved me with the internet speeds available and quotations. Also, the cost of installation.
Satellite internet in eastern region
Dear Gentleman. Please contact me on below email address, i am looking for satelite internet provider in for our 26 projects with Saudi Aramco in Eastern region.
ordering internet access via satellite
i live in jeddah and in my area there is no DSL or fiber optics, i was wandering if its possible to have interent service via satellite and how much it would cost me
re: tooway 10gb/month satellite
hello.i am currently staying in Shuqaiq in a construction site for a couple of years now.will i be able to install a satellite internet?can you please give me some information about the installation,payment , and generally how things go?my main concern is the weather and i am wondering if its better to have satellite internet than the current point to point we have on site! thank you very much Andreas
re: tooway 10gb/month satellite
hello i am staying in shuqaiq in a construction site and i was wondering if i can install this.can you please let me know who is doing the main concern here is the weather and if it will be affected much from the sanstorms and everything.please also let me know more information about the equipment ,where to buy and ho to contact.etc . thank you very much in advance,Andreas
hi dear how can i buy this net and i will get dish with it
Internet Satellite
Hello, I am living in Dammam, Saudi Arabic I would like to have Internet Satellite dish. Please, provide me with informations in my e-mail. Thanks
30 GB/ per month toway
please send my how can i get the dives and pay
New subscribtion
I would like to subsicribe to the service, Pls inform me about the prices snd how to install. Thank you
we wanna get net connection for the CCTV monitor system
we wanna get net connection for the CCTV monitor system , my contact number is xxxx, as soon as wanna get line , thanks
Satellite internet calulating
Can you provide me with all nessecry eguepment which i need for sat internet and the tell me the price please Yours rasheed
Need a satellite internet access here in Jeddah, KSA. Location coordinates (21.129623, 39.425527)
Inquiry about satellite internet
Hello, Who will do the installation? Who would provide the different parts/equipment other than the PC? If you do, How much does cost? I live in Dammam, Easter Province, Saudi Arabia Thanks
i need up load
i need unlimited upload internet from 4-6mb in low cost the download limit 10gb good for me
Tooway 30GB/month Package
Hi There, I'm interested in your tooway system and am wondering how much the equipment and installation costs would be. Also, how long would it take to get the equipment to Saudi Arabia. Regards, Paul.
Unlimited Satellite Internet
Hi I live in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. I am interested in getting a satellite internet connection at my home with unlimited cap. Please send me your quotation and contact
satellite internet
I am interested to install satellite internet for my office in Taif, Saudi arabia . Kindly provide me with the service provider contact details in my region so I can discuss the cost and other details, thank you.
Satellite Internet Service for Jubail, Saudi Arabia
Hello, My name is Hans Barton. I am an American who is currently living/working in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, which is about 50km north of the Dammam/Khobar area. I am interested in the 30GB/month package and have some questions. The,o-137 shows you do service my area. Is this information correct? If so, what, if any, are the start-up costs? Do you have a local person who comes and sets up the equipment? Or do I have to purchase the equipment and have it shipped to me here? Lastly, what are the next steps to sign up? Thank you in advance for looking into and answering my questions. It is greatly appreciated. An extremely interested, potential customer,
Satellite Internet
Sir, please kindly send me quotation (including satellite disk and internet prices for a month) of your satellite internet for indoor or equivalent. currently i am in CSC Camp, Abu Hadriya Jubail Saudi Arabia.
Satellite Internet
Sir i want to inquire about the satellite internet service you have, currently i am in CSC Camp, Abu Hadriya, Jubail, Saudi Arabia. Please kindly send me quotation of service plan for an indoor satellite disk or equivalent. Thank you.
Inquire about annual subscription
Greetings I want to subscribe via satellite for one year how much cost please respond quickly. Best Regards
quotation required for satellite internet
Please can you Send quotation for following package of Tooway. Name Download Upload Ratio Price USD FAP Tooway 20480 kbit/s 6144 kbit/s N/A .00 30 GB/ per month
Tooway VSAT
I'd like to order VSAT for my location during my field assignment.
Providing connectivity to schools
Dear Sir, We are luanching a pilot project that we intend to roll out on schools, we estimate a number of 300,000 user to be exchanging minimum of 4mbps for each user, we would like to engage with a satallite connection provider to control cost. Kindly assing our inquiry to the person on charge.
satellite internet service
Dear Sir We are based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we would like to have satellite internet service in Dammam to Khobar Area as they are no towers for internet services. We have ongoing projects . on out side areas. Please confirm us contact number and address to subscribe for satellite service in Dammam or Khobar.
Reliable / Stable?
Hello, I have no experience with Sat Internet. Also no idea if I use 5GB or 50GB bandwidth a month. I am south of Alkhobar, KSA and the current STC ADSL is 6/.5 at best. I appreciate any guidance. Regards, Gordon
satellite internet service
Dear Sir We would request your to quote us price for satellite service for a period of 6 months monthly subscription. We are based in Azizya highway Saudi Arabia.
I need stable fast Internet in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
4M/s unlimited for the out city camp using
we using this equipment for the camp which locates inclose the Jazan Ecnomical City.
I want internet connection for my warehouse user.
I am looking for satellite connection in Jeddah region for my warehouse located in Jeddah , Haiyal Samer, Difa Al Madani, Civil defense because in that region I am not able to find any ISP good connections, can you please let me know on this scenario. .
Satellite Internet Services in Remote Areas
Dear Representative, I need satellite internet and voice services in a Remote Area near Zulim Village on Riyadh Road. Can you please advise what, how, when and where I can get you services. Kind Regards Adnan Rashid
setelllite internet
Understanding Options - KSA - Mining
I would like to understand what options are available for both an entire project site, and for individual personal plans, for a mining operation in the south of KSA.
providing sat internet servieces
we need know how to obtain this serviece at eastren province in saudi arabia
Good morning, can you please send me your satelite price quotation for Rasan For Energy CO., and the instalation cost. best regards Hisham Alyahya
Quotation for Satellite tow way in Dammam
Hi, please send me the Quotation for Satellite tow way Internet Thanks,
satellite Internet
We would like to satellite internet and voice in Saudi Arabia. Please provide information and pricing details.
DIA with 10MB speed
Hi, We need DIA unlimited service for two locations. Please send quote for 5MB & 10MB speed. Thanks Mohamed Sithick ICT Support Analyst
VSAT Services
Please send me details and a quotation for the "Tooway 20480 kbit/s download service with 30GB per month". This is to be installed in a camp off Abu Hadriyah highway near the Abu Hadriyah checkpoint in Eastern Province, KSA. Thanks.
Internet for mine site
Please contact to discuss the best options.
Internet via Satellite
I want information about obtaining the service of internet via satellite in the city of Riyadh KSA. If this is available, please advice about the cost and how/where to obtain it for a home account. Thank you. Hashim Khojali
Looking For Vsat for Our Site in Midyan Near to Al-Bada & Al-Khiyal (Tabuk Region)
Dear Sir, We Are looking for vSat for Our Site in Midyan Close to Al-Bada - Al-Khiyal (Tabuk Region) which is 140 KMs Far from Tabuk & this is remote area. Our Coordinates are 28.158811,34.929914 on the Google Map. Pl
satellite internet
i want satellite internet in taif it is company so if you can send me quotation for internet speed 8m DIA and 8M shear in me email
i am living in the middle of desert in saudiarabia, Riyadh province , dhuruma area near pp11 power station. I would like to cost of internet per month and initial investment and paper work required for the same
two way internet please
Hi I want the 20 Mb package and I live in jeddah That's it thanks
بخصوص التكلفة والاشتراك الشهري
اخي انا اسكن في منطقة الباحة بمحافظة المخواة هل موقعي يشتغل في الانترنت عن طريق الاقمار واريد اعرف تكلفة التركيب والاشتراك وشكرا
VSAT - Satellite Connection for TAIF - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
We are looking for dedicated internet VSAT - Satellite connection for our remote site at Taif. So, please check the provision, if there is a good coverage of VSAT or any other internet solution for our site office in Taif and provide us quotation of equipment to be used, installation, recurring payments, IP Pool (5 Public IPs) and Annual Maintenance Cost. Maximum number of users will be 60 but it will only be used for Lotus Notes email, SAP and Skype video conferencing. Our bandwidth (dedicated) requirement is 1MB download and 1MB upload. Site Coordinates are Latitude: 21°30'23.72"N and longitude 40°33'42.57"E
Internet service
Internet service provider through satellite or through STC or through internet connectivity over Wireless (20 mb speed or more )
Satellite internet connection required
we need satellite internet connection, please contact me. Regards
Required Satellite Internet connection
Our company need 10 GB Satellite Internet connection. Our location near Damam. Looking forward your kind response. Thanks, Zahoor Ahmed.
Need more information
Dear, Need more details of your product: 1- coverage in our location, Jeddah, KSA 2- Cost of installation including hardware + software + labor 3- Monthly/yearly subscription cost according to speed/capacity Thanks. General Manager Khairi Abumansoor Space Comunication Est. Jeddah, KSA Mob. 0505909527/0596677063
high speed Internet connection
I live in Saudi Arabia,riyadh,rumah I need high speed unlimited internet service plese sugges me wich type of package available for me.
Internet Service via satellites
I represent a company in Saudi Arabia, Al-Bassami Group. We are interested in purchasing Internet service via satellites including all necessary equipment & accessories. The internet requirement: min. 150 KPS upload, Static IP TCPIP Delay shall not exceed 1 second I appreciate your prompt response to our inquiries. In the interim, if you have ant question, please do not hesitate to contact me at my mobile # 00966566044442. Very truly yours, Safi kashmar General Manager
Internet Connection Requirement for Project Site in Jeddah
Dear Sir, Can you please provide me with details of your various internet corporate packages for installation at our project site at Sibco Jeddah. If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me. Kind Regards, Engr Abdul Bari 053 2535 460
HIgh Speed internet ina moving Vehicle
Hi I am looking for a solution for High Speed internet on a moving Bus.
Satellite internet
We this kind of internet in my organization
a 30GB monthly
Satllite Internet
Hi, I am looking for a satellite internet solution for my residence in Riyadh. What can you offer me? Thanks. Albert Utama
Satellite Internet for Home
Good day! Please let me know if how much the cost for monthly subscription for 1mbps including the installation fees. My current location is in Al Majardah, Azir Region. Here is my coordinates: x - 41.75173 y - 19.28239 Hoping for your swift response regarding for my queries. Thanks..
Satlite Internet
i want to know your package detailes
quote for tooway 30gb/month
I'm at the middle of dessert shaybah oil field. Would you be able to set up the dishes?
internet in SOMAN
i have both thuraya IP and IP+ but they are limited to 444kps. i need to have faster internet speed. thank you
Satellite Services
Dear Sir, We are a leading IT company in Saudi Arabia Eastern region.We would like to promote your product in this region. Kindly provide us more and more details regarding your products and service details. Presently we are providing services for Orbit satellite service. Kindly send me your all services details Asap. Regards Saeed IT Manager
We would like to promote satellite service in this region MENA. Kindly provide us more details
Regarding Internet in Offshore
Dear Sir I would like to know that in Saudi Offshore this service will work or not. I need to call via skype.
Inquery Quotation In Saudi Arabia
We are working in desert of Saudi Arabia,need satelite internet service ,please send me quotation for different quotation of package.
internet satellite
Dear Good Day I have jobsite in Safaniya i want to connect him internet throw satellite connection because no landline and also Wi-Fi is very slow and not work some time I need you help and Suggestions .
I want to subscribe for SATELLITE
How to apply in Tooway 6144 kbit/s 20480 kbit/s N/A .00 30 GB/ per month in Saudi Arabia
hi, i need quotation for 2 ways internet installation. i have a contract. Mobile:+966504254744
Dealer Reg,
i would like to become a re seller.
Internet through Sattellite at Saudi Arabia
Gents I need to know if you have any agent represent you at Saudi Arabia as I need to by satellite internet to support our employee at some remote site at the south area of Saudi Arabia close to Oman / U.A.E boarders, and I need some more details about technical specifications like coverage area , speed, no . of channels (users) , cost, installation,…etc I appreciate your FB ASAP
hello, i am interesting in a satellite internet, can you call me please
satellite inter net up to Mbps in Jeddha Saudi arabia
I need unlimited 2 way direct net connection from the satellite. how many days it required to get it after money settlement
I am staying at Arabian Cement Company, Rabigh, Saudi Arabia. I need unlimited 2 way direct net connection from the satellite.
Proving service in Makkah province Saudi Arabia
I would like to inquire about the service and the price. By the way I already have got dish and modam installed
satellite internet
i require an satellite internet connection. pl;s advice me the cost of equipment and recharge conditions in Saudi Arabia.
Aqmar Alarabeia
لدينا بعض الأعمال على خدمات الإنترنت الفضائي ونرغب في التعامل معكم لبيع هذة الخدمة لدينا والتعاون معكم في ذالك نرجو تزويدنا بقائمة أسعار الموزعين وشروط التعامل معكم والرد علينا في أقرب وقت ممكن Best Regards ACT (Advanced Communication Technology) Eng Gasem Al Shareef general manager Mobile +966 55 5610630 Phone +966 2 6500133 / 6531552 Fax + +966 2 6501712 Khalid Bin Walled Street Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Satellite Internet in saudi arabia
is the listed prices are per month or per year ? if i order it who will install it ?
How could you I get on the satellite internet service in Saudi Arabia Thank you
Genaral Manager of Space Comm. Est. in Jeddah
Need more details about 2-way internet satellite about: 1- Hardware & software, and installations cost? How to do that in- 2- Monthly cost for 10 gb, and how to pay? Thanks. Khairi Abumansoor
General Manager
Need high speed for 2-way internet in Saudi Arabia
Satellite Internet Jazan Region Saudi Arabia
Greetings, I need satellite internet for personal use for a research project and work in Saudi Arabia. I would expect definitely less than 10 GB per month, maybe more, but unlimited is not needed. What is the startup cost & procedure for obtaining any necessary equipment? What are your different plans & options? Best regards, Allan
1024/512 1:10 iDirect x3
dear sir I would like to active an idirect system with the model ( infinity /X 3 ) on three locations inside the saudi arabia ( jizan / taif /jeddah ) please send me the prices for other services with more or less speeds and please send us ( system /buc /lnb ) prices that you sell best regards
Intenet Required in our site office (rabigh)
Dear sir We need a good internet satellite conection in our site office Rabigh(Saudia Rabia).Please advise us which internet is working good? Thanks and regards M.Irfan rasheed
Satellite Internet
I am currently at Yanbu, Saudi Arabia and interested in getting a Satellite Internet Service. How can I do that? Will someone come to my place and install it? I would like to have the following: Tooway 20480kbit/s (download) 6411 kbits/s (upload) USD 30GB per month. Thanks
need sat internet limited 20 GB/month
location - Riyadh
Hello, I am interested to install satellite internet for home usage in Riyadh, Saudi arab . Kindly provide me with the service provider contact details in my region so I can discuss the cost and other details, thank you.
Discuss Business
i want to find the right solution for my need. for the i need to address my needs to you. fix an appointment for the same
Mobile internet satalite
Looking for mobile satalite Internet to be used in a movable car
internet sattlite 2 waz
i want supscribe satellite services please send me an offer


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