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Last Inquiries from Costa rica

I looking for higher speed internet for my clientele.
Support New Facility Internet Installation
I would like to get budgetary costs for installation of a new kölbi 100Mbps/100Mbps Internet service for a new facility we are building out in Alajuela, Costa Rica. As yet, I do not have a specific address for the site and would just be looking at a general budget cost. We would be looking for Fiber or Ethernet and a managed router for this service. I have listed my contact information below. Sincerely, Jon Manager, Global Service Engineering Infrastructure and Operations Nordson Corporation Duluth, Georgia
Internet Service and possibly TV
Hi Tigo, I am interested in your service of Internet and possibly TV. I live in El Cajon de Grecia and inquiring if you service this area. My address is El Cajon 300 meters north and 200 meters northwest of the second church to a dirt road on the left Calle Esteban. House color red and yellow.Thank you for your attention on this matter. John
Internet vía satélite? Ya que donde vivo el proveedor no me da suficiente señal de Internet
Me gustaría saber si es posible contratar algún servicio de Internet ya que mi proveedor no me da un buen servicio quédare ala espera de sus respuestas
internet hogar
Internet Service
Require information about Quantis satalite internet service for our home in Ojochal de Osa, Southern Costa Rica.
Sat Internet Service for Costa Rica
Require information about TS2 SPACE satalite internet service for our home in Ojochal de Osa, Southern Costa Rica.
Necesito cotizar servicio de internet para residencia puede ser satelital, lugar en las montañas cercanas al Volcán Barva. Urge.
Solicitud de información de precios del servicio
Quiero que me brinden la información sobre la TS2 SPACE instalación, mensualidad y todo lo relacionado al servicio de Internet vía Satélite en Costa Rica.
Internet cable
I need to restart the Internet 5Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) service for the month of February
Traveling to Costa Rica for the Month of March (March 7-April 7). Looking for Mifi Options.
Subject says it all, I will need connectivity on the go around costa rica for the month of March. Would love to hear about options. Thanks!
(satellite) internet in Canon del Guarco Costa Rica
(satellite) internet in Canon del Guarco Costa Rica
Internet satelital
Buenas, Ustedes me pueden dar información sobre paquetes de Internet satelital. Es para ser utilizado en una casa, para uso no comercial. Saludos!
Internet satelital
Hola vivo en guanacaste y necesito internet rápido y estable para todos mis necesidades, por favor requiero información, estoy interesado en la cuota de 0 al mes, gracias.
internet high speed
in the Town of Jaco, Costa Rica
Internet para el hogar
Alajuela - Internet para el hogar
Portalon, Costa Rica
What internet service can you provide at what cost in the area of Portalon, Puntarenas, Costa Rica?
Tarifas internet ilimitado por satélite
Estoy buscando una solución de Quantis internet por satélite sin límite de datos. Gracias por mandarme tarifas y soluciones posible.
Can I pay my Movistar plan bill on line with credit card
Can I pay my for my Movistar Costa Rica plan bill on line by credit card ? Thank you
Internet and Cable
good morning, We are looking to have Claro Costa Rica Internet installed in our house which is located in the southern zone in Costa Rica.
I’m interested in a wi-fi plan in Uvita Costa Rica
I want to get a Movistar Costa Rica WiFi plan here in Uvita Costa Rica.
Internet service in Costa Rica
We are located near Ojochal in Punteranas province. We are about 4 kilometres up the mount from the Costanara Highway. We presently use Netsys for internet but are very unsatisfied with the quality and level of service. Do TS2 SPACE provide your services in our area? Is your service by satellite?
Servicio empresarial
American Data Networks Para un centro de informatica
Full price list for internet access
We live in the mountains surrounding San Isidro de General and are interested in having fast TS2 SPACE comprehensive internet.
Internet service in Costa Rica
We are located near Ojochal in Punteranas province. We are about 4 kilometres up the mount from the Costanara Highway. We presently use Netsys for internet but are very unsatisfied with the quality and level of service. Do TS2 SPACE provide your services in our area? Is your service by satellite?
Roy Umaña
Muy Buen día, mi nombre es Roy Umaña, y trabajo para el Instituto Mixto de Ayuda Social (Imas) en el area de Informática, necesito realizar unas consultas, para ver si me pueden hacer el favor de enviar una dirección de correo, para poder contactarlos directamente, si me hacen el favor, gracias.
necesito servicio de Businesscom Networks internet en monteverde costa rica, necesito 15mb por favor enviar el precio del servicio gracias
Looking for options for Quantis internet service at our home
Satellite internet
Looking at SpaceX internet options as we are in a remote area of San Mateo and have only 3g coverage which is pretty bad.
Internet by sat
Just want to know if it is possible here. If it is, please provide info on: how much, how to pay, installation procedure.
Internet plus phone
Off grid location south of puerto jiminez cr. Minimum of one phone line (assuming voice over internet) and med to high speed web access. Very modest charitable company budget. Is this doable for /mo or less? Contracts? Info appreciate. Gracias
Internet en casa, con 4 4mb
Service Information
I am inquiring to obtain service that is home internet and able to stream Netflix and other streaming media easily. Also to be able to play games on the Xbox One without any lagging issues. My location is in Desemperados, San Jose, Costa Rica. Please advise me of plans that will give me this level of service.
Buenos dias Businesscom Networks, ¿Cubres el área de coordenadas GPS 9.839936 - 84.583043 y esa es la velocidad?
satelite internet
I am unterested in internet via satelite in a remote area in Costa Rica. What are the packages and prices? Is there any contact in Costa Rica?
Internet service
We need a reliable internet service. We now use Kolbi and it is very unreliable. We live in a rural area near Cachi Dam in the Cartago Providence on Urasca Viejo road. Do you provide service here? What would the monthly cost be? Is there a set up fee?
Internet satelital
Buenas tardes, necesito internet en la casa y deseo saber que costo tiene.
Movistar Costa Rica Internet
Looking for internet service.
Loation: Cristo Cristal, Pueblo Nuevo, Grifo Alto.
Your services
Hello im looking for a good TS2 SPACE satellite internet service in my home, what do you can offer to me. Im live in the mountains of Santa Ana, San José.
Internet access in Costa Rica
Hi Looking for up to TS2 SPACE 100Mbps in Costa Rica. Many Thanks Dr Peter
Hola mi nombre es Dannia y trabajo en un Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary queria preguntar si ofrecen el servicio de internet en la zona de Bahia Ballena
Satellite Internet Service
Do you provide SpaceX Satellite internet service in Guanacaste Costa Rica. specifically Playas del Coco?
Hello, i have a question. i live in costa rica in a small place, it calls Tortuguero. We have here internet from the local I.C.E company, but they have no more space in there fieber lines. For that reason i need a other opcion for getting Quantis - Unlimited packages internet for my Buisness. i heard you provied internet over a Satellit. It is possiebel to get a conection here, that will be working???? i hope you can check it, and to give me some prices and option how to do it Best regards Bernardo Agalychnistours
Home internet with good upload
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network I’m trying to find a company providing good upload as well as download for home internet use - there will be 5 users and I upload video and do video conferencing especially with New Zealand, the US and the UK. Thanks Regards Andy
Need internet in JioJalandia, Puntarenas, Costa Rica
Need Tigo Costa Rica internet service, Would like 10 Mbs, Located in RioJalandia, Puntarenas, Costa Rica: Need more information
Tigo Costa Rica 10 mb cuanto tardan en ponerlo
New Service in Daniel Flores - San Isidro de El General, San José Province, Pérez Zeledón
I would like to start Triple Play 1-20MB for existing customers (Cabletica) service for this address 350 meters north of the Iglesia Católica de Palmares We are moving in on Saturday September 1, 2018. I would like to have installation before then if possible. How is the best way to start my service? Do I need to visit your local office in San Isidro or can I do this online? Thank you, Derek
Quiero adquirir el servcio de cable en casa
Necesito el Tigo Costa Rica servicio de cable para una casa ubicada en Curridabat en Lomas del Sol, que sea de 5 Mbit
Want to know the price of internet service
My new home does not have internet coverage due to the lack of telecommunications infrastructure. Need to know how much it would cost to install TS2 satellite internet in my home.
internet + TV
What is the cost of Tigo Costa Rica packages?
internet and tv
Hi! We live in San Ramon - Magallanes ,Alajuela province .I´d like to know the posibiliti for Claro Costa Rica internet and tv for this aeria Regards ,Cvete
internet and tv
Hi ! We live in Costa Rica ;San Ramon,Magallanes.We´d like to know the posibiliti for Tigo Costa Rica internet and tv for this aeria. Regards,Cvete and Vladimir
High Speed Internet w/WiFi
I will be living just outside of Naranjo & require fast, reliable Internet 20 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica)
juan jose ulloa porras
mi consulta es si alguan cablera brinda o tiene servicio por cable o satelitan en la zona de Finca Imperio Dos en el Carmen de Siquirres Limon es que por la nueva legislacion de la facturacion electronica estamos acupando el internet y en zano no hay gracias
Tienen cobertura de TS2 SPACE 10 mb en poas alajuela costarica, y cuanto cuesta
Internet Service
Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) Need for home internet service in San Juan de Monterrey (San Carlos)
Internet service
I would like to know if you can provide Internet 20 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) service to our address. Address: The Billera family 800 meters before the Catholic Temple of Grecia. We thought you may be able to install another tower at our address so we can get services from you. Thanks, Ted
Internet and phone
What do kölbi provide in the way of Internet service plus phone service for our area here in San Luis of Grecia? What are your plans and how much do they cost? Thanks, Ted
Pricing for Costa Rica
Hello, I'm wondering if someone can tell me what pricing is for TS2 SPACE satellite internet in costa rica. Thanks, Brian
What download and upload speeds can TS2 SPACE guarantee and how much would it cost?
Adquirir servicios internet
Internet 20 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) Tibas centro, San José
Internet service
Hi, I would like to obtain information about the SpaceX service and packages offer in Costa Rica for residential service. Thank you in advance for any assistance that can be provided. Regards.
Servicio Internet
Buen día OneWeb, En la medida de lo posible me gustaría recivir información con respecto a paquetes y velocidades para servicio residencial. De antemano agradezco la ayuda. Gracias.
Verificar cobertura
Hola mi nombr es Belkis Calderón y me gustaria verificar el Quantis servicio de internet para la zona de San Jose Palmichal de Acosta Rio Negro
Satellite internet service
Please provide TS2 SPACE pricing and availability in Costa Rica
internet service
we need good reliable Internet 20 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) service at a reasonable price
Franklin Martínez
Buenas, vivo en la Rita de guapiles en limón, en una zona un poco alejada que se llama el triángulo de palmitas, quisiera saber si aquí ofrecen Quantis servicios de Internet y que precios tienen
Internet Satelital?
Es posible contratar TS2 SPACE internet satelital en Costa Rica,especialmente en La Garita de Alajuela?
Internet residencial
Hola deseo saber precios y la posibilidad de un Quantis - Unlimited packages serivicio en la zona de El guarco de Cartago
VSAT for a month?
I'm going to be in the Dominical area from July 5 - August 4 and wondering if you have a medium-term solution that would work for me? Also wanted to inquire about general capabilities and pricing.
internet for residence
Hi I am looking for Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) for my home. I am in the mountains...I speak only English very limited Spanish!!
weekly plan
Movistar Costa Rica
50=100mb connextion
Could you please send TS2 SPACE pricing and availability
Triple play 4mbps
kölbi - Advanced Triple Play Plan PyMes Need details.
service availability in Nosara Costa Rica
Hello, We're looking for information about Businesscom Networks satellite internet service for our boutique hotel in Playa Guiones, Nosara. What is available to us? Thank you!
Busco servicio Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) internet para mi casa. Que ustedes me pueden ofrecer?
Internet access
Currently have residency in Esterillos Centroid. No ICE cable service. Tower Service from Kolbi very spotty. What service can Tigo Costa Rica offer.
Internet service
Quiriman de Nicoya who provides Internet service
Internet Service
I am moving to Herradura, Puntarenas in 20 days. I am on your site and trying to see how much would it cost to just get Triple Play 20MB (Cabletica) internet service. I see your packages but, I do not need TV nor telephone services. HOWEVER, if I do change my mind, if I get your TV service also, would I be able to get Austin, Texas local stations on your service? Thank you Nolan
Saludos deseo saber precios y velocidad del TS2 SPACE Internet para el hogar
instalacion internet en un negocio ubicado en playa marbella, santa cruz de guanacaste.
Quisiera instalar internet en mi negocio en guanacaste. gracias.
I seek high Businesscom Networks speed down and uploads in Heredia
Internet service in Costa Rica SpaceX
I live in Costa Rica. Need to have a new internet ISP and was wondering if SpaceX could help me out with more information about the services you provide. Thanks
Contratar servicios de Internet residencial
Juch-Tech - C-Band Packages
Belkis Calderón Reyes
Hola buenas tardes . me gustaría saber si tiene cobertura para TS2 SPACE Internet satelital en la zona de San Jose Costa Rica Palmichal de Acosta,Rio negro. Muchas gracias por su servicio.
Gabino Arias Arias
para saber los precio de Cable Tica internet - Triple Play 1MB
Internet and Ring Video Doorbells
Need to have Ring Video cameras operating 24/7 for security viewable access in the United States, Kölbi Connection Plan 2 Internet and Netflix on demand. Also interested to know what cell phone service is available.
Cost of Internet service
Hello, I'm moving to Costa Rica in the next few months and require dependable TS2 SPACE Internet service. Do you provide Internet service everywhere in Costa Rica and what would the price be?
How much. 50Gb per month?
I would like Quantis internet in costa rica
Internet Speeds in Jaco beach costa rica
I was moving to Jaco beach is Internet 20 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) service available
Hello i am searching the web for TS2 SPACE internet options in Costa Rica. Can you give me more information for the prices a month? Looking forward to your respons Regards Roy
Internet satelital
Servicio de TS2 SPACE internet satelital tipo residencial
Informacion de servicio
Uds brindan TS2 SPACE servcios recidenciales ?
internet casa
quiero saber sobre los servicios de casa de intenet que ofrecen que no sean planes
Service Request
Hello, I´m from Costa Rica, and Want to know if TS2 SPACE provide internet service for home, if answer is yes, want to know more information about, rates, instalation, time contract, etc. regadrs
internet speeds
i have tigo at my house in costa rica, in el roble, my internet speeds are the slowest i have seen in some time, i would like to have faster internet speeds, please let me know what you need from me. thankyou Pearson
Internet in Cortez de Osa
I would like to know if Claro Costa Rica offer internet service in Cuidad Cortez
Somos una empresa pequeña, estamos en busca de Internet 20 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) de aproximadamente 20 megas de bajada
Internet service
I live in a somewhat remote area and haven't been able to get Quantis internet service. I'm wondering if your satellite may be a viable option. Thank you
Consulta de servicio
Quisiera saber si esta disponible el servicio y en que zonas se otorga.
Satellite Internet & TV
We have SKY Television at the moment and IT via a landline from ICE. We would like to consolidate both TV and Internet brought to us via Satellite. Please let us know what kind of options TIGO offers in this regard. Thank you, Daniel
I am considering options for my home 10 miles North of Quepos Costa Rica.
I am considering options for my home 10 miles North of Quepos Costa Rica.
Internet móvil mayor a dos Megas
Kölbi Connection Plan 4
Internet setvice
I need my internet upgraded Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica)
Bonjour, j'habite au costa rica a Samara je voudrais savoir si ceci me permet d avoir TS2 SPACE internet de bonne qualiter
Broadband in Ojochal osa southern zone costa rica
Hi We live in the hills of Ojochal Costa rica and are looking for reliable broadband TS2 SPACE internet Is there anything you could offer us ? If you do there is more than just me looking !!
2 MPS up and Down interested
Quantis - Limited packages
Internet por satélite
Me interesa saber si ofrecen algún servicio de Quantis internet por satélite a estas
Satellite Internet for Remote Business
Hello, My boyfriend and I are interested in what plans Quantis offer for satellite based internet. We both run businesses remotely and from Costa Rica. I am looking for a system that would provide 6-8 mbps download speed and 1-2 mbps upload speed. Can you give me a quote on how much the system installation would cost as well as additional monthly fees? Thank You,
Necesito servicio de internet en Carbonal de Grecia. Me pueden enviar información?
I need excellent internet
I need TS2 SPACE. In san Vito coto brus and in San Carlos aguas zarcas
What is cost of TS2 SPACE 100 mb internet service?
Need Faster Internet
I live in a very rural area of Costa Rica. Do Juch-Tech Inc. provide service here? I live in a town called Paso Marcos.
Internet satelital hogar
Cotizar y ver disponibilidad en sarchi de alajuela Costa Rica Quantis internet residencial satelital
internet en casa nueva en coto brus- la pintada san vito en la zona sur
Compramos una cas en la zona sur y necesitamos internet
costo y servicios
requiero encontrar opciones de servicios que ofrezcan un Businesscom Networks Internet de 10mb sobre 10mb. estoy enderezado en sus opciones, agradecería que se comunicaran con migo
satellite internet
Hello - Shopping options for Businesscom Networks VSAT internet services and would like to know the preliminary and monthly cost for internet service. Regards, Jonathan
costos y servicios
busco opciones de servicios de TS2 SPACE internet con velicidades minimas de descarga 10mbs y subida de 10mbs
Guanacaste bagaces río naranjo
Sí me pueden dar información me interesa Businesscom Networks
Guanacaste bagaces río naranjo
Sí me pueden dar información Comcast Business - Starter
Costos para contratacion
Costos de TS2 SPACE internet satelital para contratacion
Internet por Radio
Buenas tardes, les escribo desde Colombia. estoy interesado en cotizar una solución de internet 1:1 por radio en unas instalaciones nuevas ubicadas en el Barrial de Heredia. Si están en disponibilidad de ofrecer el servicio ponerse en contacto Gracias, Nadir
Opciones de servicio de Internet Residencial
Necesito saber las opciones de internet residencial para la zona de San Isidro de Grecia, Alajuela.
Requiero un TS2 SPACE servicio de red dedicado para mi empresa y mis clientes.
satellite internet
I live in Angeles Sur de San Ramon and need to know if Businesscom Networks can provide satelite internet and what the prices will be for various speeds. Thank you!
Wifi or Mifi
My husband and I just moved to Costa Rica from Atlanta, GA. We are looking to get wifi for our home. It would be for work and streaming news. We need something at least Movistar - MiFi 4G LTE – EXTRA PLAN 10GBs. Currently we live in Juanilama. I do have our coordinates if needed.
internet domiciliar
hola quiaiera saber cuales son las opciones para Quantis internet domiciliar donde yo vivo.
Que posibilidades hay de obtener internet en una area donde no hay servicio de Internet por ningun otro modo
Cual seria el costo si se diera la posibilidad de obtener TS2 SPACE internet
Disponibilidad de Internet
Estamos interesados en saber la disponibilidad de Businesscom Networks Internet en la zona de Caño Negro. Actualmente solo contamos con internet celular 3g.
Vanessa Lovera
Buenas tardes, Estoy interesada en trabajar con fibra óptica.. Aparte de satelital uds prestan ese TS2 SPACE - SES4 servicio? Gracias
Claro-Costa-Rica Internet para el hogar el plan de 5 megas me interaza
I buy movistar sim card in costarica.i will travel to nicragoa and this movistar sim card work there.with out roaming charges.
Me gustaria saber si su TS2 SPACE - SES4 internet lo podrian instalar en esta zona.
Internet Satelital
Serian tan amables de brindarme información del Businesscom Networks servicio.
Internet Options for location, 8.3873361,-83.2861304,17
We have a small retreat and looking for satellite internet options.
Nesecito Internet en mi pais guanacaste quiero saber precios y información gravias
unlimited data ,phone plan
In San Jose Costa Rica i have a cell phone ,,what plans are available for 1}unlimited data ,phone,text plan on 3g or 4g phone at what monthly cost 2} what does it cost for home internet with wireless feature thank you George V
Fernando Orozco
Buen día vivo en San Luis de San Ignacio de Acosta, San José. Esto es una zona rural y no hay servicio de internet que garantice más de 2Mb. ¿ustedes tienen servicio para esa zona? requiero de almenos 6mb. Muchas gracias
Consulta internet satelital
Quisiera saber cuánto es el precio y en qué regiones de costa rica lo instalan y cuáles son los requisitos
Internet service for OSa peninsula
good morning , i need internet service for my new house i puerto jimenez , ICE does not have internet for me at this time , i am on the waiting list . looking for another option . what companies can i use . would like a hot spot devise so i can use it anywhere David
Internet para hogar
Me pueden contactar
inernet residencial
tiene servicio de Internet satélite en artola sardinal guanacaste.
Gabriela Salazar
Buenas tardes, quiero sabe si tienen servicio para la León XIII
i need internet service
i live in pavones near laural can you call me english speak only
Internet servicio
Hello! We are looking for internet service with static IP in Costa Rica. Do you offer it?
Need internet Estatic IP cordenadas 9°48'29.3"N 84°06'01.4"W
Necesito internet ASP Need internet ASAP
Need internet with an static IP on tranquerillas de Aserri Costa Rica
Need internet ASAP Thanks Jay
Iinternet USB
En cuanto saldria (costo) del servicio de internet por satelite.
Satellite Internet
we need satellite internet in Parrita, Costa Rica - do have service in that area? Thank you
Quisiera tener Internet via satélite ya que donde vivo no llega el cable, y tengo tv por satélite
Internet satelital
Quisiera saber si brindan el servicio en Costa Rica, precio y como adquirirlo, gracias
Wifi movíl
Como adquirir el RAC SA servicio Fullmóvil cuanto se paga x mes.
You have not listed the services of: Telecable & Boomerang
Internet satelital
Saber costo y proceso para contratar TS2 SPACE internet satelitsl
Service offer
I would like to know if Businesscom Networks offer service in Costa Rica and contact phone number
High speed connection
Hello, I'm in Costa Rica for work and I plan to spend the next 6 months here. However, my connection keeps acting up and it's terrible. So much so I might have to move. What are the options I have with TS2 SPACE? What kind of speed do you guarantee and at what cost? Thanks so much, Lex
Internet and Cel Phone
Living in Tambor Costa Rica for the winters (From October to May each year) Need kölbi Internet and local cel phone ( will swap out SIM card in existing iPhone)
Price and availability for Internet
Hello there, I am interested in Businesscom Networks pricing and availability for satellite internet here in the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica. The local landline is not able to reach. Thank you for your time and attention.
Precios y covertura de internet satelital para san vito cotobrus
Hola me gustaria que me informen de los precios y planes de internet para San vito cotobrus, puntarenas, costa rica, que planes ofrecen de Internet. cuales son los precios para internet en casa, las velocidades y como la instalan. Hello, I would like to be informed of the prices and the Internet planes for San Vito Cotobrus, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, which planes offer Internet. which are prices for home internet, speeds and how to install it.
Inquiry about getting high speed internet
Hello, I am interested in getting faster internet speeds at my lcoation Internet 7.5Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica)
Gustavo Siles
Favor enviar información sobre como funciona el TS2 SPACE servicio y cotización de precios. Gracias.
Satellital internet / internet satelital
Hello, my name is Michelle I'm searching TS2 SPACE satellite internet services for an area away from Guacimo, Limon, in Costa Rica. I want to check with you if there is a possibility to install the service, packages and costs. --------- Hola, mi nombre es Michelle , estoy buscando servicios de internet satelital para una zona alejada de Guacimo, en la provincia de Limon, Costa Rica. Me gustaria saber si existe la posibilidad de instalar el servicio y de ser asi, que paquetes y precios se ofrecen.
internet satelital
Buenos Dias, Requiero informacion sobre el RAC SA internet satelital? para la zona de puerto viejo de Limon, paquetes costos e instalacion. Tambien que tanto influye que una parque de la propiedad esta rodeada de arboles pero hasta abierta hacia el frente de la playa y alrededor de 2000mts cuadrados sin arboles alrededor de la casa. gracias por informacion y me pueden
internet satelital
Buenos Dias, Requiero informacion sobre el SpaceX internet satelital? para la zona de puerto viejo de Limon, paquetes costos e instalacion. Tambien que tanto influye que una parque de la propiedad esta rodeada de arboles pero hasta abierta hacia el frente de la playa y alrededor de 2000mts cuadrados sin arboles alrededor de la casa. gracias por informacion y me pueden contactar al 70140409
internet satelital
Buenos Dias, Requiero informacion sobre el Juch-Tech Inc. internet satelital? para la zona de puerto viejo de Limon, paquetes costos e instalacion. Tambien que tanto influye que una parque de la propiedad esta rodeada de arboles pero hasta abierta hacia el frente de la playa y alrededor de 2000mts cuadrados sin arboles alrededor de la casa. gracias por informacion y me pueden contactar al 70140409
internet satelital
Buenos Dias, Requiero informacion sobre el Businesscom Networks internet satelital? para la zona de puerto viejo de Limon, paquetes costos e instalacion. Tambien que tanto influye que una parque de la propiedad esta rodeada de arboles pero hasta abierta hacia el frente de la playa y alrededor de 2000mts cuadrados sin arboles alrededor de la casa. gracias por informacion y me pueden contactar al 70140409
Cobertura y velocidad Internet
que opciones tienen para Businesscom Networks internet para Grecia Alajuela San Isidro
Interes en establecer alianza comercial
Nos interesa establecer una alianza comercial que nos permita distribuir sus productos y servicios. Nuestra firma fue fundada en el año 1969, la especialidad es Auditoria Financiera. Hace un poco más de un año nuestra firma creo una División de Consultoría en TI, y queremos ampliar nuestra cartera de productos y servicios con la creación de otra división de Telecomunicaciones. Contamos con mas de 350 clientes activos (entre empresas Gobierno y Privadas). Tenemos oportunidad de concretar negocios a corto plazo. Por ahora nuestro principal interés (inicial) es brindar servicios internet satelital en CR, y pasar a Centro America. Nuestra firma tiene presencia a nivel mundial en mas de 120 países. Quedo a sus ordenes,
Internet Satelital
Me gustaría saber sobre los TS2 SPACE servicios de Internet Satelital para Costa Rica, específicamente en la zona de Rio Frío de Sarapiquí
Necesito un proveedor de internet para Pitahaya, Puntarenas
Internet Satelital para casa
Buenas tardes, necesito poner Quantis internet satelital para mi casa en Balboa de Santiago de San Ramón, Alajuela Costa Rica. Ningún proveedor nacional me da internet porque no llega el cable, ni hay antenas cerca.
High speed internet
Hello, we would like a cost and time estimate for getting TS2 SPACE satellite for high speed internet in Matapalo, puntarenas, Costa Rica. Thank you.
Information about the Internet connection
Hi this is Tarun, I would like to know about the installation charges and what all required formalities there to get a plan of Tigo 10 MBPS for my home. If you can share me the complete process to avail this plan would be really great.
Internet in Matapalo
We have reception for Kolbi, however only have good speed during off peak time. Looking for a Internet 7.5Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) solution, just 1/2 kilometer up mountain from Langosta Feliz Retaurant.
internet option in Moin near APM terminal
My house is 100 meters from apm can I get Tigo internet and cable service? how much per month for internet?
Internet por WiFi
Necesito saber costo y velocidades usando Movistar WiFI; estoy en Cebadilla, Pitahaya, Puntarenas.
need internet in esterillos oeste costa rica
need service
internet in home in esterillos oeste
need internet service
Quiero Internet en mi casa
Cuanto tiempo hasta que Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) instalan? en esa semana puedes??
Cobertura e informacion
buenas, quiero informacion de precios y cobertura servicio de Quantis internet para casa en guanacaste, nandayure, bejuco, corozalito
Internet y tv
Estoy interesado en subcribiir servicio de internet y tv en san isidro de peñas Blanca
SpaceX Price and speed. Platanillo De baru de San Isidro. Thanks huge fan of spaces Nick
Precios y volacidad Internet 7.5Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica)
Internet satelital
Area de Platanillo Baru de Perez zeledon. Quiero saber si ofrecen sus Internet 5Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) servicios en el area anterior escrita. Gracias.
Cotización de servicio internet en zona rural
Buen día quisiera cotizar el servicio de TS2 SPACE internet satelital para la zona de Cartagena Guanacaste en COSTA RICA. La idea es tener servicio wifi en una finca en zona rural.
Internet satelital TS2 SPACE
Necesito conocer el costo mínimo del consumo.
Reliable Internet Connection >10 MBit/s near San Francisco de Coyote, Costa Rica
I am going to live in Costa Rica, Peninsula Nicoya, San Francisco de Coyote - starting at 01/11/2017. As a Online-Entrepreneur I need an (almost) independant Connection to the internet - if possible with all my communication equipment at the same time (3 LapTops, 1 Tablet and 4 Smartphones) I have been living here in Paraguay for about 2 years now - and I am used to have a velocity of 8-10 Mbit/s (unfortunately not allways) and an amount of 150 GB data per month. Please give me some advice - and a really fair offer - for using your products. Best regards Michael
Precios Businesscom Networks por 2 o 5 gigas
Que cuesta la instalación y que vale los paquetes de Internet
Internet y TV installation / service or triple play
I would like to have kölbi service at my house in Portalon Costa Rica. I am 15 -18 miles south of Quepos can you provide service to me. I have a Kolbi recarga plan for my cell phone. I live in US and will be in town August 10 - 20
Internet y TV installation / service
I have a home in Portalon Costa Rica I have been trying for more than a year to get Claro to provide me with service. I will be back in the country in August and would like to get service from you.
Looking for Satellite Internet Connection from Remote area of Costa Rica
Would like reasonable upload speeds and up to TS2 SPACE 25mbps download What kind of prices would we be looking at? We run a business from home and need to have something reliable.
Necesito Cable Tica saber si tiene cobertura en la carpio, San José, Costa Rica
Informacion planes OneWeb internet satelital en Costa Rica
Quisiera saber como funciona el internet, como hacen la instalación y que ocupo para tener Internet satelital aquí en Guapiles Costa Rica
Need Internet Service
I have a house in the southern pacific area of Costa Rica in a town called Platanillo. I'm looking for Broadband Satellite service. Do you do residence or just businesses? I'm looking to start service in August.
Availability Internet 20 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) along the coast between Dominical and Uvita (Bahia Ballena)
Internet de cable, no Wi-Fi
Buenas, me gustaria saber si en mi hogar se puede poner un internet via cable de 12 megabytes de descarga y minimo 2 megabytes de carga. Yo vivo en Limon, Costa Rica, B Line. Agradezco cualquier ayuda, muchas gracias!
Quisiera tener Internet en mi casa
Internet Satelital
Buenas tardes nos urgen proveedores de SpaceX internet satelital para empresa ubicada en coyol alajuela
Saludos,kolbi aún ofrece el servicio de kölbi internet satélital y que cobertura tiene?
Ofrecen internet residencial?
Necesito ayuda con TS2 SPACE internet, debido a que ningun proveedor llega a la zona donde vivo... Porfavor ayuda...
Portable hot spot device
I will be living in the hills above Playa Jaco. I need Kölbi Connection Plan 6 internet/wifi. I have iPhone 7 and phone with a US based phone company. What are my options for a portable hotspot device just for data? I prefer an unlimited plan.
Cotización de Servicio de Internet Satélital en la Isla del Coco
Buenos días requiero una persona contacto que me ayude a ver si existe la posibilidad técnica de cobertura de su empresa para brindar un servicio de internet satelital en el Parque Nacional Isla del Coco, esta ubicada a 600 km de la Costa de Costa Rica. Su área terrestre es de 23,85 km², y mide 7,6 km de largo y 4,4 km de ancho., espero respuesta cuanto antes me urge valorar la viabilidad y los costos de un servicio de minimo 4 megas.
Internet satelital
Mi consulta es que vamos a comenzar un restaurante en una zona rural en la cual no hay forma de poner internet por cable ni fibra óptica y me interesaría la información de alguna compañía que ofrezcas el servicio de internet satelital para ver si en mi caso existe cobertura
internet satelital en zona donde no hay cobertura de otras compañias
Quantis En la zona de los cerros de cobano en puntarenas San Ramon de Ario especificamente, a 6 km de la Esperanza de Cobano
Need TS2 SPACE internet access in a remote region. Have microwave now but it is unreliable.
Internet satelital
Buenas estoy interesado en Quantis Internet satelital en mi pais Costa Rica cuanto es el precio en los planes
Internet service by satellite
We are localized at Ballena Provincia Osa in Costa Rica just behind the big hotel Crystal de Ballena ( 1km in direction of the mountain) this is a dead point for any signal. Can we have a good reception with your service of parabolic anten connected with satellite? If yes can you give us some clue ( ( pro & cons) about the quality of connection and the TS2 SPACE cost mensually. The connection is for NOW if available Thanks Andre
Internet service
Hi, I am a foreigner that will work for two years in Costa Rica. I need to have ölbi internet installed in my apartment. How can we get Plan Triple Play TV (Costa Rica) 200 service.
internet satelital
quiero saber el costo de lo planes de TS2 SPACE Internet y cuanto cuesta la instalación en una casa
internet satelital
quiero saber los paquetes de Quantis Internet y que costo tienen y el valor de instalación en una casa
Satellite service inquiry
I am starting a Martial arts retreat in La Pintada, near San Vito Costa Rica. It is quite remote and off grid at the moment. I wanted to inquire as to the pricing and how to of setting up TS2 SPACE services. We are interested only in high speed internet so that our students can stay in touch with their families and some of our residents can continue University studies online. Thank you for your time, Ariel
remote coffee farm in costa rica in need of reliable TS2 SPACE internet access. farm is located in the potenciana mountain
Internet satelital
Urge servicio de SpaceX Internet satelital en zona rural país costa rica provincia guanacaste cantón nandayure distrito bejuco playa san Miguel enviar cotización
Internet satelital
Urge servicio de OneWeb Internet satelital residencial en zona rural país costa rica provincia guanacaste cantón nandayure distrito bejuco playa san Miguel enviar cotizacon
Internet satelital
Urge serico de Businesscom Networks Internet satelital en zona rural país costa rica provincia guanacaste cantno nandayure distrito bejuco playa san Miguel
Internet satelital
Urge buen servicio de Quantis Internet para zona rural país costa rica provincia guanacaste cantón bejuco playa san Miguel enviarealidad cotización
Internet satelital
Urge servicio de buen TS2 SPACE internet país costa rica provincia guanacaste cantón bejuco playa los maderos
Internet Satelital Empresarial
Buenas tardes De manera urgente necesito su valiosa ayuda con una propuesta de servicios de internet satelital Somos una empresa zona franca ubicada en Puerto viejo, Sarapiqui,Heredia,Costa Rica. Tengo una orden directa de parte del consejo , de quitar el proveedor actual de internet (American Data) esto tiene bandera roja y prioridad numero uno. Estamos ubicados 4 km norte 5 km oeste de Puerto viejo Sarapiqui, Campos Lapa Verde La Esperanza. Ocupo una propuesta de servicios de al menos 12 megas de internet Agradezco su atención y prioridad Saludos
Internet access Costa Rica
I will like service in costa rica only internet, and i will be using my own router. and i will like info on, to be able to pay service from us this service will be for my mother inlaw thank you for your help.
Necesito saber la disponibilidad de sus Juch-Tech servicios en Costa Rica. Además precios y paquetes.
Necesito saber la disponibilidad del Quantis servicio en Costa Rica, los precios y paquetes que ofrecen.
Buenos días, estoy interesado en contratar Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) para mi casa, que precios ofrecen y cual es la cobertura que tienen.
internet services
We are looking for internet services. Peter
Internet satelital
Necesito internet para una residencia en Guapiles donde no tengo acceso de ninguna otra manera
Internet par satellite
Merci de me faire savoir le prix et le montant de la mensualité par mois a payer afin d'avoir un bon debit TS2 SPACE Internet.
Consulta de servicio de internet de 2mb
Buenas quisiera saber el precio del SES4 servicio y si ponen en todo el pais?
Internet Satelital
Necesito información de TS2 SPACE planes y tarifas de internet satelital RESIDENCIAL para Costa Rica
Necesito un plan de internet residencial
Duo Play Plan (Internet + Fixed Telephony) 300 Plan de kölbi internet para mi hogar
como funciona el sistema de intenet satelital
Mi casa esta en playa negra guanacaste esta un poco en la montaña tengo internet con el ICE pero es muy lento,cual otra posibilidad existe.
Internet satelital
Saludos cordiales me urge el servicio de Quantis internet en Costa Rica, Alajuela, San Ramón, Piedades Sur, San Francisco por lo menos 4 M por favor
quiero instalar internet satelital en mi casa
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network Cuanto es el valor, limón, Guapiles
Internet connection via satellite
I'm living in town separated of the center, so I need Quantis Internet connection like optical fribe so fast, what do you recommend me?
Monthly charge
Live in Pavones, CR. Need price for Businesscom Networks installation and monthly fee and time frame.
Buenos dias, basicamente es consulta sobre el servicio que oferecen en la zona norte de Costa rica, no tenemos cobertura alguna de 4G y 3G, ni WIFI, cuando me contesten el correo les enviare la direccion de google maps para que puedan indicar la disponibilidad ret.
Tooway coverage
Does the Tooway only work in Europe? Will it work in Costa Rica
Availability of Fiber to the premises (FTTP) ?
Is kölbi Fiber to the premises (FTTP) available in the Upala region? I am looking for internet in Las Milpz, Los Angeles and colonia Puntarenas de Upala.
Availability in Upala region?
Can Tigo provide Home Internet to Las Milpaz de Upala?
Necesito información de sus productos satélites Quantis Internet. Saludos
Internet satelital
Hola buenas ustedes venden Quantis Internet para el sector de quepos
Hola buenas tienen SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas satelital para quepos
Internet satalitte
Located in Baru, Perez Zeledon, San Jose Costa Rica need high speed SpaceX internet Satellite is the only option we have
TS2 SPACE internet
Having trouble getting a good signal in Costa Rica. Live in the Lake Arenal/Tilaran area
10 m service...
I would like to try Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) service. Can you send me the details of my commitment to have it installed?
Satilite internet
Moving to Costa Rica looking into TS2 SPACE internet options and prices. Do we purchase this out right? Is there a monthly fee if dish etc is purchased?
bernal badilla valverde
Nececito saver si ustedes covertura en la uruca la carpio del servicio de internet con velocida de 3 o 4 mgb
Hotel business
Hello and thank you for your time, we own a small hotel business in a remote area of Costa Rica and we are interested in acquiring satellite internet. Firstly we need to have wireless internet for our guests, is that possible with your system? Is the speed of the TS2 SPACE service the same throughout the day or does it get slower at certain times? Our budget for internet is not very big what is the best rate you can give me? How would we go about setting up the service do you have a center in Costa Rica, are there technicians there? I would appreciate any information you can provide me with, thank you!
Satellite Internet
Hello, I live in Chimirol, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica, and I need internet. Can TS2 SPACE please send me a price chart? I need no less than 6mbps up/ 6mbps down. I would love up to 100mbps.
residetial wifi
would like wifi on our new home....Atenas, MOrazan
need internet and Tv
I live in Morazan, Atenas please contact me for kölbi service
internet and television, phone for rural residential
kölbi - Advanced Triple Play Plan PyMes
Servicio efectivo de intenet
Requiero un servicio de internet residencial, con capacidad suficiente para el monitoreo de cámaras de seguridad, en una comunidad que el ICE, Claro y Tigo, con los que ya consulté no tienen el servicio. De contar con una cotización favorable, se instalaría en San Vito, Coto Brus, Puntarenas, 4 km noreste del centro del cantón
Need home internet
We need home internet (2mbp or more) at our location since our local provider is cutting us off on Feb. 28, 2017 Thank you, Floyd
bandwith and cost
TS2 SPACE 35 km north Santa Rosa, Costa Rica.
Do you provide service in my area?
Hello American Data Networks! I am renting a small house near the Osa peninsula, 15km south of Dominical and 5km north of Uvita. We're up in the mountains, and are having extreme difficulties with the internet provided by our landlord. Our landlord recommended that we contact a few companies to see if fiber optics could be installed in our area, what the cost would be, and how quickly it can be installed. If you're not already in this area, I am positive it would be a lucrative venture for you, as the standard of internet in these towns is very poor. The norm is 200kbps! I'd appreciate your quick and detailed response, thank you!
Satellite Internet High Speed Service in Guapiles Costa Rica if available.
I would like a local contact and pricing for installation and the service. David
internet for 3 apartment buildings
Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) Buildings in Tibas
Satellite Internet
Hello, I live in Chimirol, Perez , Costa Rica, and I need internet. Can TS2 SPACE please send me a price chart? I need no less than 6mbps up/ 6mbps down. I would love up to 100mbps.
satelite broadband internet
looking for best Tigo offer satelite broadband internet access 10-20 MB down BUT NEED at least 1-2 MB UP!!!!!!!!!
Internet en casa
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network Si esta disponible en Costa Rica y sus precios.
Internet and cable service.
I live in Uvita and wanted to know if you provide service to this area. If so I would like to have Triple Play 8MB (Cabletica) installed as soon as possible. Please advise, Thank you Patricia
Hello there, my daughter lives in the outbak of Costa Rica. Mobile internet works very slow or not at all, also the telefone. How much is the cost for satelite-internet, hardware and other costs. Please make an offer or tell us alternatives. Best regards Volker
Hello I am interested in getting pricing for TS2 SPACE satellite internet, in Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Please get back to me with availability, pricing, setup fees, etc. Thank you.
Satellite Internet
Claro 5 Mbits. San Isidro de Grecia
Satellite Internet
Claro 5 mgbts
Satellite Internet
Hello! We are entrepreneurs who are building a house in Costa Rica and need the fastest possible satellite internet . What is the estimated monthly cost for TS2 SPACE and what is the cost of installation - thanks!
internet service
we need a Internet 10 Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) service for our home and home business. please contact Carol at email
Internet and Tv combo or Internet only quotes
I have a house in Drake Bay Costa rica and we were with Kolbi for internet but Kolbi isn't working very well in Drake. I would like to get a quote for Claro internet or TV internet combined. I presently have Claro TV in my house under one of my employees names and would like to see what it costs and to get it in my name.
internet via satelite
hola me gustaría saber el precio de internet via satélite en playa matapalo de quepos y que velocidad alcanza
internet via satelite
hola vivo en playa matapalo de quepos me gustaría saber el precio por poner internet via satélite y que velocidad alcanza gracias
I'm looking for TS2 SPACE internet service for my home in Costa Rica. Nosara , guanacaste Do you offer satellite or long range backhaul network options Let me know
Need for a ISP
Does Quantis offer coverage? Regards, Dahiana
internet en la zona de guapiles
cuanto vale el servicio por mes. y cuantos megas?
satellite internet
I need satellite Internet in Costa Rica near the town of Nicoya in the province of Guanacaste. Does this service your company?
Do Tigo service Lagunas delivered Baru for internet?
Internet options
I'm looking for options for accessing the TS2 SPACE internet. Would like to see what you offer as far a s bandwidth and latency and price.
Internet hogar 5mbs
Internet 5Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica)
Necesito saber el costo del TS2 SPACE servicio para costa rica
Internet, satellite, TV
Hello, I live in San Buenos. I would like Claro satellite, internet, and phone service. Would someone contact me to explain service and availability in my area. English speaking would be helpful. Thank you, Mark
Moving to Costa Rica
Hi there, we want to travel and live in Costa Rica. Actually we are living in Germany. I need a good internet connection in Costa Rica. What is the highest realistic Upload/Download Speed with Businesscom Networks SAT-Systems in this area and with what costs can I calculate? Are there traffic limits? What plans do you offer for Costa Rica + what costs can I calculate? Regards, Matt :-)
Moving to Costa Rica
Hi there, we want to travel and live in Costa Rica. Actually we are living in Germany. I need a good internet connection in Costa Rica. What is the highest realistic Upload/Download Speed with TS2 SPACE SAT-Systems in this area and with what costs can I calculate? Are there traffic limits? What plans do you offer for Costa Rica + what costs can I calculate each? Regards, Matt :-)
paquetes de internet
comprar Quantis internet satelital de 4 gigas en zona urbana ,para pequeña empresa
Internet por satélite
Finca 1.7 kilómetro a l'este del restaurante StephenLisas antiguo.
Entrar internet por satelital
Finca a 1.7 kilomètres à l'est du restaurante StevenLisas Antigo por Tarcoles CostaRica. Si Hay possibilitades de tenter internet pour satellite,de communicar conmigo.
Quote Request
Could you please advice Quantis internet service details and rates for costarica, as well as coverage areas
High speed internet pricing
Looking for pricing on TS2 SPACE Internet service.
Prices and packages for Internet service
I would like to know what kind of packages and the prices TS2 SPACE have, the service will be installed in Costa Rica. Regards, Luis
Prices and speed options
I would like to know which packages do Quantis have for Satellite Internet Connection in Costa Rica. Regards, Luis
Triple Play 15MB (Cabletica) Service in my area
Im looking for a provider that does cable internet and phone or just cable and internet in the area i live in Costa Rica.
Satellite internet
Satellite TS2 SPACE internet service availability and pricing
Internet service availability
I am looking for an Internet 5Mbps (by Tigo Costa Rica) solution for my home. Does TiGo have any options for me Thank you, Sharon
Home Internet service availability
A home in Villa Nueva, Quepos, Puntarenas, Costa Rica. Need kölbi internet service. Are you available in my area?
data rechRGE
Movistar 4G EXTRA (1GB)
Loocking for satellite internet on Parrita-Costa Rica
Satellite Internet Access by Businesscom
Necesito Quantis internet residencial de 2 mb
satellite service asap
Hi there, Looking for reliable Businesscom Networks internet service for 2 months in costa rica. Needed asap. Thank you :)
Internet Satelital
Vivo en una zona que no llega interner convencional. Por lo que me interesa buscar opciones de TS2 SPACE Internet satelital y costos
satellite internet service
Hi OneWeb I want to know the prices for the internet service in Costa Rica?
Buenas, deseo obtener informacion de los precios, instalacion y cobertura en el pais de Costa Rica
Ecostudio arquitectos
We are interested in a package to install a service of satellital internet in Barrigona , Guanacaste in Costa Rica , this place is very close to Nicoya ... We appreciate all the help we can provide us and all the information of this service
Buenas tardes, necesitamos Internet satélite para una residencia en el área de barrigona. La entrega del proyecto seria para el 8 de diciembre. que servicio ofrecen ustedes, y cual es el costo del mismo.
Ignacio Villegas
I need the prices for internet en Limon, Costa Rica. Thanks
hi, my name is brayan lobo chaves.
I´m looking for a satelital internet conecction with his hardware. please help me i need all the infomation for the devices available in my contry. my celphone is. thaks for the help.
Buenas tardes!! Soy de San jose y me gustaría saber como funciona el internet satelital qiue su empresa ofrece, también quisiera saber si se paga solamente una ves o es mensual?? Muchas gracias por su amabilidad
sat internet
need sat internet 20 up 2 down
internet satelital
nesecito o quiero adquirir un servicio por esta via
¡Enviá a tus amigos regalos gratuitos!
muy grande
internet precios
Hola ocupó saber como funciona lo del internet satélite gracias
need installation/service
GPS coordinates; Latitude; 10.013904 Longitude; -85.713751
Buenas!, me gustaría saber si me pueden ofrecer servicios de internet en Puntarenas, Garabito, Jaco.
i want to have internet mi nombre es Michael cruit
I live in Boca Rio Sierpe sout Pacific Peninzula de osa
Alvaro Arroyo
¿Dan servicio en la zona de Guápiles, Limón? Respuesta en español. Por favor
venta de internet
quisiera saber si ustedes venden el servicio de internet saletelital en costa Rica y cuales son las tarifas si lo venden?
necesito internet para trabajar , estoy en la zona norte, Katira de Guatuso
need internet in siquirres with satellite, how much for instaltion and how much per month? I need 5 mb dowload.
el servico de internet
Me interesa tener el servico de internet le agradesco que me llame aqui esta mi numero xxxx
me interesa negociar con empresa para vender internet en costa rica por antena satelital mi tel xxxxxxxx
Quizás quisiste decir: consulta sobre el precio del servicio Buenas noches Cuanto cuesta el servicio que ofrece su empresa? gracias- nota: no habló inglés price inquiry service good night How much is the service offered by your company? thx- Note: I do not speak English
el internet en palmares costarica
Quiero saber q hacer para poner el internet en palmares costarica
Price Quotation
For my house in Alajuela, Costa Rica. My phone (506)-xxxxx. Thanks!
Solicitud cotización
Favor indicarme si tienen cobertura en Costa Rica, San José, Moravia. De ser así, favor cotizar.
Seeking Internet Service via Satellite in Osa peninsula, Costa Rica
To whom it may concern, I live in Carate, CR in the Osa peninsula and am seeking Internet service for myself. I mainly need to be able to check my emails often everyday and be able to Skype to family & friends in the US & Canada. Can your company service my needs please? My Geo Map co-ordinates are: N 8' 26.438" W 83' 27.10" Thank you very much
Hello, I would like to know if I can use your satellite dish for internet connection in Costa Rica. Kind regards Zoran
Internet para san bosco de pocosol, alajuela
Saludos, Nos interesa acceso a internet para San Bosco de Pocosol en San Carlos, Alajuela. Es una zona rural. Velocidades de entre 1-2 Mb download. Agradezco una cotizacion. Saludos, Joaquin Viquez
Looking for satellite internet in San Vito, Costa Rica
internet service needed
Location: 8 km south of Puerto Jimenez, Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica


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